servicing our dynamic industry


Farrell Associates can play a variety of roles in customer engagements, from presentations at company (or industry) events, to fixed fee projects, to short and longer-term retained engagements.

Through our diverse panel of experts, each engagement can be customized to specific customer needs and preference across the following constituencies:


                            HEALTH IT INVESTORS
                                            CARE DELIVERY ORGANIZATIONS

& training  
- Executive Retreats & Strategy Sessions
- Industry Presentations & Webinars
- Healthcare Reform, HITECH & HIT Education Sessions
- Sales Training & Coaching

Business & market assessments
- Organization assessments (Capability Maturity Model)
- Market Analysis - Target Market Development
- Opportunity, Risk Analysis

Product  & investment strategies

- Product Assessments (compared to market
    requirements and competitive offerings)
- Product strategy - build, buy, partner

  IT plans & benefits optimization
- Strategic IT plans
- Enterprise EHR and IT implementation & rollout strategies  
- Benefits studies

Marketing & Sales initiatives

- Market communications – value-based messaging
- Content development 
- Focus group design, leadership, analysis of findings

Business Development - M & A support

- Introductions to industry experts and business enablers
- Partnership brokering and development
- Company and product due diligence
- Investment support – capital acquistion