philosophy & culture

Mission /
Culture / Values
 – the foundation of success

Farrell Associates is a cohort of colleagues and companies with complementary skills and deep experience fueled with a passionate commitment to the industry and clients we serve.

Our goal driven, results-oriented approach drives strategies that translate into successful operations and outcomes for our customers. In an industry clouded with silos and compartmentalization, Farrell Associates stand together in the belief that business, clinical and IT goals (metrics), strategies and teams must be aligned.


We work independently or in groups, depending on specific client need, and blend best practices and “lessons learned” with up-to-date research and strong business acumen. We support individual speaking engagements, defined projects and retained agreements.  

Process / IT

Business, clinical and IT processes must be streamlined and standardized – new team-based models must be embraced and supported via benefits-driven, workflow enabling IT. 


We believe that cooperation, collaboration and alignment of people at all levels of an organization are critical for sustaining successful, high performing teams and continuous learning organizations.

  High Performing Teams

We know the industry and speak your language

Healthcare is a unique and complex industry in flux.  Success requires leaders to usher in culture change to drive new strategies, processes, adoption of IT solutions and engagement of users and stakeholders.