cross-sector knowledge pollination

We deliver targeted services to a variety of industry segments and diverse organizations. This cross pollination of ideas and continuous learning increases our knowledge and value to our clients, ultimately benefitting the industry at large.   We serve:




integrated services

Key to our customer service is our seamless integration of functional expertise coupled with deep industry knowledge and experience.

Our engagements are customized, recognizing the unique  challenges, capabilities and culture of each organization. 


Ann Farrell, BSN - Principal    Learn more about Ann

from strategy to success                 

Farrell Associates is a boutique HIT consulting firm focused solely on helping our clients create successful strategies, meet targeted business goals, and optimize performance and market opportunities.

Collaborative in spirit, our virtual-consortium of industry specialists offers a diverse set of business, clinical and  IT skills as well as industry experiences.

Our clients range from entrepreneurs and start ups, to small- to mid-size organizations, to large multi-national corporations.
We provide
counsel, practical insights, guidance and support including:

Healthcare / HIT education, training & 

Market, product & competitive analyses
– opportunity & risk

Enterprise / community IT plans & benefits realization
     – mobile strategies

"Product visioning” 
     – investment & acquisition strategies

Market expansion & sales optimization initiatives
Business development  M & A assistance 

I have worked with Farrell Associates on several efforts while at three different companies over the past ten years.  Each engagement was executed with an upfront plan and thorough analysis. The content was completely vetted and results always exceed my expectations.  Ann’s knowledge of healthcare and her ability to bring together the right experts for the specific project enables her to consistently deliver an exceptional result. 
Kathy English, Director of Global Healthcare Marketing, CMO - Cisco Corporation